We employ the latest advancements in technology to resolve underwater engineering challenges and demands. Reprosub has a great deal of proven experience in underwater welding, Zinc anode replacements, cofferdam installations, propeller blade cropping, among others.


Reprosub underwater inspections are conducted by expert divers using either photographic documentation or CCTV (closed circuit video). Inspection results are saved onto physical media DVD as well as digitally uploaded to a cloud to ensure remote access from other concerned parties almost instantly.

Our technical reports provide a detailed evaluation of the general condition of the hull, paint coating, cathodic protection, and assessment of any damage to the hull and/or anciliary elements.

Our underwater inspections provide valuable information to classification societies in particular during sale & purchase operations and preparation of scope of works prior to dry docking.


The methods and equipment used by Reprosub for underwater hull cleaning are widely recognized as the most efficient technique for obtaining best results in efficiency and speed both in the service provided as well as vessel performance, with guaranteed assurance to the most delicate of antifouling systems such us silicone paints and other special coatings.

Marine salvage & Rescue

Reprosub can deploy a search and rescue team within a response time of 2 hours of contact, reachable 24/7 year round. We are able to offer the most advanced technology for search, inspection, and marine salvage through the use of side-scan sonar and remote operated vehicles (ROV). Our divers are highly experienced in re-floating sunken vessels and containers with the aid of support vessels, auxiliary equipment and flotation airbags.