Reprosub underwater inspections are conducted by expert divers using either photographic documentation or CCTV (closed circuit video). Inspection results are saved onto physical media DVD as well as digitally uploaded to a cloud to ensure remote access from other concerned parties almost instantly. Our technical reports provide a detailed evaluation of the general condition of the hull, paint coating, cathodic protection, and assessment of any damage to the hull and/or anciliary elements. Our underwater inspections provide valuable information to classification societies in particular during sale & purchase operations and preparation of scope of works prior to dry docking.

  • Complete hull surveys with photography and video camera or CCTV with live feed comms between divers and surface, incluiding written report for classification society.
  • Special inspections of vessels or submerged parts at request of ship owners.
  • Damage assesment inspections.
  • Underwater paint inspections.
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement.
  • Underwater works within confined spaces.
  • Underwater works in contaminated medium.